Top 5 Latest Platform Beds Design for Your Home: Urbanwood

  12 Dec 2023

Choosing a platform bed is a wise decision if you prefer:

Low-profile bed frame: Platform beds offer a contemporary, sleek appearance due to their lower height.

Sturdy base: The design of platform beds ensures robust support for your mattress without the need for extra components.

No requirement for additional accessories: With the mattress placed directly on top, platform beds eliminate the need for a box spring or mattress foundation.

Platform beds can be as short as six inches or as tall as 18 inches, giving you different options. They're versatile and can match your style while being comfy, making them a smart choice for a modern and cozy bedroom. Investing in a wooden bed with storage drawers, such as a well-chosen platform bed, can significantly impact the quality of your sleep and overall well-being.

Minimalist Living: The Beauty of Platform Beds

Platform beds come in lots of styles to match what you like and need, making your bedroom super comfy and looking good too! Here's the research of some enticing options:

Solid Platform Beds: Characterized by an unbroken surface, these beds provide consistent support for the entire mattress. They prove especially advantageous for memory foam mattresses, ensuring longevity and structural integrity.

Slatted Platform Beds: Featuring spaced metal or wooden slats, these beds strike a balance between firm support and effective airflow. The strategic gaps between slats allow mattresses, especially heat-retaining foam ones, to breathe. Careful consideration of slat spacing is key for optimal support without sagging.

Upholstered Platform Beds: Infusing a touch of luxury, upholstered platform beds often boast padded headboards. Perfect for those who relish bedtime reading or TV watching, these beds seamlessly blend comfort and sophistication.

Storage Platform Beds: Tailored for smaller spaces, these beds come equipped with built-in drawers or compartments, eliminating the need for additional storage furniture. A practical solution for maintaining a clutter-free environment.

Floating Platform Beds: Designed to create a visual illusion of the bed hovering above the ground, these beds introduce a contemporary flair to your bedroom. A sleek and stylish choice for modern interior aesthetics.

Selecting the right platform bed involves considering both functional and design aspects, ensuring your choice aligns with your space, mattress type, and personal style. Transform your bedroom into a personalized sanctuary with a platform bed that resonates with your unique preferences.

Maximizing Comfort and Storage: Urbanwood's Innovative Platform Beds

Urbanwood presents a collection of platform beds that redefine both style and functionality. Let's delve into the offerings from Urbanwood, focusing on their unique features and benefits.

Hugo Low Floor Bed King Size: The Hugo Low Floor Platform king-size bed with storage emerges as a top choice for those prioritizing health-conscious sleeping environments. Its low height facilitates smooth airflow through the mattress, contributing to a restful sleep experience. Available in three distinct finishes, this bed is not only customizable but also blends seamlessly with diverse decor styles. The standout feature lies in the spacious shelves on all three sides, providing ample storage for your valuables, making it a practical and stylish choice.  

Trace Platform Bed: The Trace Platform queen-size bed with storage from Urbanwood stands out for its spacious design within this segment. Its low height ensures safety, making it an ideal option for households with playful juniors. Crafted from termite-treated solid wood and available in various finishes, the Trace Platform Bed combines durability with aesthetic appeal. This bed is a testament to Urbanwood's commitment to creating pieces that effortlessly merge style and safety.

Couve Platform Single Bed: Urbanwood's Couve Platform single cot with storage bed takes modern furniture needs with its trendy and lightweight design. The flat bed, always covered by your mattress, adds a contemporary touch to any room. Crafted from Sheesham wood and subjected to rigorous quality tests, this single bed boasts a honey finish, making it a versatile and compatible addition to various home interiors.

Jordan Low Floor Double Bed: The Jordan Low Floor double bed with storage showcases sophistication with its finished design and smooth, curved corners. The bed's simplicity adds warmth to any bedroom, with visible marks and grain on the responsibly harvested wood giving each piece a unique character. The headboard, painted in a stunning shade of Diana orange, provides both aesthetic appeal and back support. Crafted from premium Sheesham wood, this bed promises durability and longevity with a variety of finish options to suit your home design.

Platform Beds with Built-in Storage: Practical Solutions for Compact Living

Urbanwood's platform beds with storage offer a practical solution for those living in smaller spaces or anyone in need of additional storage. The drawers beneath the bed maximize space efficiency, while some designs even include built-in bookshelves for added convenience. These beds combine style with functionality, presenting an innovative approach to address storage challenges in compact living spaces.

Pros and Cons of Platform Beds You Must Know:


Sleek Minimalism: Embraced by minimalists for their clean and contemporary aesthetic, platform beds offer a modern European look, sitting lower to the floor.

Ease of Assembly: One of the significant advantages is the ease of assembly. Many platform beds, especially simpler designs, can be assembled in just a few minutes, expediting your journey to a restful night's sleep.

Enhanced Air Circulation: The space between slats in platform beds promotes breathability and airflow, contributing to a cooler sleeping experience during the night.

No Need for a Boxspring: Unlike traditional bed frames, most platform beds eliminate the need for a boxspring, simplifying the setup process and saving time and money. However, additional support may be required based on the mattress type.

Sturdy and Durable: Platform beds are renowned for their robust build. With no posters, spindles, or legs that can break, they offer long-lasting durability.


Limited Storage: One downside is that these beds might not have space underneath for storage, which many people are used to having. For those who rely on this space, opting for a bed with drawers or a shelf underneath might be more suitable.

Challenges for Mobility: The low profile of platform beds can pose challenges for individuals with limited mobility. Getting up and down from these lower beds may prove difficult, especially for those with bad knees or back pain.

Heavier Build: While platform beds eliminate the need for a boxspring, their sturdiness can make them heavier than other bed options. Rearranging or moving the bed might require a two-person effort.

Beyond Platform Beds-The Creative Storage Idea and Box Springs

While box springs may not traditionally offer significant storage space, their elevated design presents an opportunity to utilize the area underneath for storage. This can be especially beneficial for those with higher box springs, turning this often-overlooked space into a useful storage solution. A modern hydraulic bed design" brings together a cool look and clever features, making it a smart and stylish choice for anyone who wants a comfy and modern bed setup.

Urbanwood's platform beds prioritize health-conscious design and space-saving elegance and show a commitment to crafting furniture that seamlessly integrates into diverse lifestyles. Whether you prioritize comfort, style, or efficient storage solutions, Urbanwood's platform beds offer a holistic approach to enhancing your bedroom experience.

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