6 Modern Bar Cabinets for Every Space and Style

  09 Dec 2023

In this blog, we'll uncover six amazing modern bar cabinets suitable for every space and style. Dive into our collection to discover the small details and significant personality of each bar cabinet, making your selection process a delightful experience. Transform your home with our bar cabinets and let them become the focal point of your entertaining space.

Serving Style: Exploring Living Room Bar Cabinets

Explore the charm of our living room bar cabinet—stylish, useful objects that have the power to completely change your house. A bar cabinet elevates your living area and makes a sophisticated statement. It's more than just a piece of furniture. With numerous options, it can be difficult to choose the best one. There's an ideal fit for your style, regardless of whether you want a traditional, rustic, or modern aesthetic. The versatility and urbanity of corner bar cabinets are stunning. These tiny items are eye-catching and provide a one-stop shop for entertaining guests. Modern corner bar cabinet designs cleverly utilize awkward corners, making them hidden gems in any room. If you have a spacious living or dining area, consider a full-length hidden bar cabinet – a stylish solution to store your entire glassware and bar accessories.

Shopping for bar cabinets online has never been easier. Explore our interactive gallery of bar cabinets in India, featuring distinct qualities that set each piece apart. We offer various types, including small home bar cabinets, large home bar cabinets, and corner bar cabinets, all at reasonable prices without compromising on sturdiness. Indulge in the pleasure of buying a durable wooden bar cabinet crafted from Sheesham wood, adding a touch of enduring elegance to your space. For those who enjoy entertaining guests or appreciate a good drink, a wall-mounted bar cabinet is an ideal addition. A mini bar cabinet impresses guests with its drawers, shelves, and specific areas designed for wine and liquor glasses. It keeps alcoholic drinks discreetly hidden while remaining functional for gatherings.

A Touch of Class: Modern Trends in Home Bar Cabinets

The world of bar cabinets offers styles and varieties beyond imagination. Explore the vast inventory of home bar furniture to elevate your entertaining game and make a statement with your home's style. Wooden bar cabinets, crafted from sturdy materials like Sheesham wood, exude classic charm. Their versatility allows for a wide range of designs, from rustic to sleek and modern. 

Consider some notable and top choices for your home bar:

Classic Bar Cabinet: Crafted from durable Sheesham wood, the classic bar cabinet is a timeless and famous choice. Offering ample storage space, it adds a distinctive touch to your home bar, holding wine glasses and prized beverages with style.

Hover Bar Cabinet: With its timeless appeal, this small bar cabinet seamlessly blends into any decor, adding warmth and character. Its curated design makes it beautiful, sturdy, and versatile – a unique addition to your home bar.


Madhushala Bar Cabinet: A commendable choice for a mini bar cabinet, the Madhushala series is easy to clean, sturdy, and customizable. Its unique style stands out, adding a lovely touch to your home bar.


Morgana Bar Cabinet: A rare gem, the Morgana Bar Cabinet boasts walnut, honey, and teak finishes for a high-toned and chic look. Its intricate detailing and clean lines make it a top-class addition to your home bar, complementing other pieces in the Morgana collection. Go for wooden cabinets for your bar furniture, as they are not only durable but also add sophistication to your living room. The wooden material seamlessly blends with other wooden furniture, such as Sheesham enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Relay Bar Cabinet: Spacious and classy, the Relay Bar Cabinet from Urbanwood exemplifies robustness and sheer elegance. Organized storage options prevent bottles and glasses from colliding, while bohemian tiles add spellbound beauty to their exteriors.


Trace Bar Cabinet: An example of unmatched functionality and storage capacity, the Trace Bar Cabinet is elegantly designed for a classy and sophisticated look. Its small and big compartments provide ample room for storage, ensuring a compliment-worthy bar cabinet every time you open it.


Whether you're looking for unparalleled utility, classic charm, or timeless attractiveness, there's a living room bar cabinet to fit your style and make your house look better. Explore the various options available, and add a bar cabinet that complements your entertaining area and represents your individuality to make a statement.

Choosing the Perfect Bar Cabinet for Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Setting up a home bar unit is exciting, but choosing the right bar stools involves some thoughtful considerations. These tall seats play a crucial role in creating a comfortable and stylish space for relaxation or entertaining guests. Before making a decision, here's a checklist to guide you through the process.

Bar Stool Type: Bar stools are available in a variety of styles and materials, each of which adds to the overall visual appeal. Sturdy metal stools are a great option for a more modern feel. They make a stylish contrast when paired with white countertops. Conversely, wooden bar stools add coziness and a rustic charm. For classic elegance, go with darker woods like Sheesham; for a more modern vibe, choose lighter woods like beech or cedar. The stool's ability to move is also influenced by the material chosen; wood is lighter and more flexible.

Features: Think about the qualities that most fit your requirements. Backrests, footrests and armrests are optional on bar stools. Choose stools without backrests for small spaces as they are easy to put away. Stools without backrests are the best option for small spaces since they can be put away with ease. Bar stools with adjustable height are useful in homes with varying age groups. By adjusting the seat height, these stools help you avoid awkward climbs or balance problems. There are two varieties of swivel bar stools: memory-return and 360-degree. While the latter returns to the centre after usage, the former permits a complete rotation.

Upholstery Material: Your bar stool's padding is available in a variety of colours and materials, allowing you to improve your overall appearance. Create a classic bar vibe with bold chrome or leather bar stools in colours like red or black. For a more rustic look, these alternatives can be combined with iron or wooden legs. Vinyl patterns are simple to clean, making it convenient to keep a spotless appearance. Fabric bar stools come in a variety of styles, from simple shades to complex ethnic designs. If you wish to change the design later, they also provide the convenience of easy reupholstering.

When selecting the perfect bar stools, consider the overall theme of your home bar, the level of comfort you desire, and the practicality that suits your lifestyle. The right choice will not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also contribute to the functionality of your home bar, creating a welcoming environment for relaxation and socializing.

Revamp Your Living Space with Stylish and Functional Wooden Bar Cabinets from Urbanwood

You can choose from our range of compact or large wooden cabinets, allowing you to store glasses and bottles together or separately. Whether you prefer wine cabinets with doors or open ones, we offer various designs, patterns, and textures to match your preferences. Our attractive wall bar cabinet offers and superior quality makes us the best choice for bar cabinets online in India. Order from Urbanwood to give your living room an appealing look. If you enjoy drinking at home, consider getting a sleek, modern bar cabinet to add a touch of panache. Hosting guests or throwing parties? A bar cabinet is an excellent way to showcase your selection of wines and liquors. It's also ideal for those who prefer concealed storage for their alcohol. Whether you drink regularly or occasionally, a modern cabinet is the best way to keep your liquor organized. The Relay Bar Cabinet is unique, making it easy to move within your home while providing sufficient storage. Choose Urbanwood for a seamless blend of style, functionality, and affordability in your bar cabinet. Elevate your home's ambience with our diverse range of options, carefully crafted to meet your preferences and enhance your living space.

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