Top 10 Exclusive Range of Sofas for Your Home in 2022

  05 Nov 2022


From reds to greys, neutral to loud, browns to multi, blacks to blues, endless color tones, and endless fabric library creates a super range of sofa in this modern times which suits your style, aura, and amounts. Talking about the cozy set of the house seems like a big discussion point. Every sofa is unique and kept uniquely, matched with floor rugs, curtains, or/and wall decor. A wide variety is available nowadays to choose your cozy couch….

The living room has a decent share of an area in the house. You just don't receive your guests there but spend maximum hours in your living room especially if you are working from home or if you are a homemaker. It's a daybed for your tv unit and the best place to take your long calls. But choosing one is always a hassle whether you have to choose one from two or one from twenty. So let us jot down a few ongoing sofa styles which will help you to choose your comfortable furniture as per your imagination-


1.    Recliner sofa - Invite luxury and comfort with recliners to your place. Mostly preferred in browns by people, this is a perfect comforter with good looks indeed. Yeah but sure space calculation of your living area is really important before you can plan for a recliner. As you just cannot stick your recliner (whether in sofa form or in a single chair form) to the wall. You need to leave more than one-foot space behind the recliner. If you have it, just get your recliner booked online with great deals and a warranty available.


2.    Floating sofas - Are you the one who wants to experiment with your space every now and then? Then why get fixed sitting, instead go for a movable versatile sofa set and create your own looking space as per your need and occasion. Let your furniture do multi- tasking for you! And here you can experiment with color combos too. Turn your space into a relaxing zone or chatting zone or a party hall as per your wish. Floating sofas are blocks of furniture that do not adhere to each other but can be pushed to join together to create a vibrant space every time for every event. So go explore them in the e-store and showrooms now!!


3.    L-shaped sofas - L-shaped sofas utilize space to the fullest. It simply gives some extra seats in the same space. If you want to add modernity without experimenting to your space then just choose the color you like in the supernova L-shaped sofas. Let your living area's giant corner go luxurious and trendy with this L- shaped furniture. This comes in a vast variety of sizes, colors, and textures that will fit your space for sure.


4.    Sofa cum bed - Looking for more options for your living area than just using it as a sitting space, then explore the range of sofa cum beds. This is the one that is really a product of the 21st century and designed to keep the average apartment size in metro cities. It comes in bulky wooden frames to light metal rod frames. Makers are trying to fit in every possible size as this can provide an extra but comfy bed to one of your special guests.


5.    Sofas with shelves - It's not only you, who are looking for inbuilt shelves, corners, or side tables within or along with your sofas but many others too. Because of space constraints or because of using space to the fullest people are preferring sofas to have glasses, bowls, or plates placed platforms on them. These can be on the sofa arms, in between the seats, or fixed at the outer edge of any shaped sofas like L-shaped, U-shaped, or even three-seaters.


6.    Combination of chairs and sofas - If you are the one who wants to add a reading corner to your living room and also want to keep some free space around there then be ready to experiment with the furniture combinations. Three-seaters bulky sofa can be settled with two wooden chairs or a single recliner or floor sitting or two puffy stools and/or more. This will allow you to use your space as you like it, say you can turn it into a temporary kids' play zone  or to yoga zone or to the dance floor, etc…


7.    Play with textures and colours - If you have a living room where not much of alteration in furniture is possible there you try out colours with different textures. Hemp or matty-like porous fabric sofas are not just available in vibrant bold colors but also in twin colour combinations, stripes and checks. Others in the list like Edward fabric sofas are already in trend for its easy care by vacuuming and eye-catchy colors. Also, don't forget to look for smooth textured floral prints sofas which give a rich chick look to your living room. So cotton to linen to hemp to silk, velvet, polyester, leather, rayon or more select the fabric texture as that will dictate the color either to be loud or sound.


8.    Cane sofas - Are you in a transferable job and want to buy and sell your furniture every time you shift and live? Then try going light on your furniture which can be moved without a hassle. Try out striped or floral cushioned cane sofas (Manipur style) for your living space. You will be amazed by the modern styling of this stuck furniture. Go explore them online before you choose your own seats.


9.    Wooden framed sofas with loose cushions - Go crazy playing with the cushion colors for the wooden framed evergreen sofa sets. Your choice of fabric can transform these wooden frames into a modern pieces of art, comfort and decor. These sets well with almost all types of curtains, light, wall paints and rugs. So you can renovate your five seater sitting arrangements without disturbing your existing room makeover.


10.  Leatherette sofa set - For all the luxury and durability you want to flaunt, leatherette fabric sofas is all you need to buy. Leatherette is synthetic leather made out of vinyl which makes it way more sustainable than leather. Leatherette is much more liked by modern buyers as it is free from animal cruelty and if taken care of properly can be with you for 10 to 15 years. What else you wish for but yes don't forget to check for great offers on the leatherette range online and offline. This sofa set seems to be costly at once but over time it justifies its price well.l



If you are looking for your unique piece of comfort, come and explore UrbanWood to convert your dreams and desires into reality. Choose from the wide variety of modern and space saving exclusive range of furniture for every small and big usage of life!

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